Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring is a beautiful time—and for many, it’s the best season! As new life abounds and flowers bloom, it’s only natural that we want to take a few moments to spruce up our home as well—hence, the term “spring cleaning.’ Not only does spring cleaning get us in the spirit of the warmer months, but we at Carpet Advantage Company Inc find it helpful to take this time to make sure everything is up to par for our shoppers! If you’re like us and want to take advantage of the return of spring to tidy up your space, here are some helpful tips!

Clean Your Floors

If you want your home to glow, start at the foundation! If you have easy-to-clean vinyl or laminate flooring, it’s relatively easy to make your surfaces sparkle using a dry mop (or wet mop if your flooring is waterproof) and a manufacturer-approved cleaning product for hard surface flooring. Take care with your hardwood flooring, as hardwood is not waterproof. Use a dry mop and a cleaning product approved for genuine wood surfaces.

When cleaning tile, use only compatible products that won’t damage your grout or dull the surface of your flooring itself. For carpet, consider a professional steam cleaning to remove built-up stains. You might also consider spot cleaning your walls and baseboards with a sponge and a mild cleaner.

Declutter Each Room

When you are removing items from your rooms to clean your floors, take the time to declutter each room as you go. Don’t be overwhelmed—just tackle it room by room, even if it means you focus on only one room each day. Before you know it, your home will be looking spectacular! Try using closet organizers and plenty of large plastic bins. Use an online marketplace to sell items that are no longer used and consider putting those funds towards the next step…

Refresh Your Textiles

Not only can area rugs provide pops of color inside the home like the flowers do outside, but these useful design elements also protect your flooring from dirt, mud, and damage. You can shop for all-new area rugs through ! For spring, consider colorful, bright designs or floral patterns to add energy to any room in your home.

Add Fresh Flowers

We all love blooming flowers! Why not bring some into your own home? These beautiful blooms will uplift your spirit while capturing the essence of spring itself. Look for specials at your local supermarket or consider adding a couple of houseplants from nurseries!

Wash Your Windows

Now that you’ve given your home the ultimate spring cleaning, it’s time to let the light in for all to see. Wash both the inside and outside of your windows to completely remove the remnants of winter weather. If you can’t safely reach second-story windows, focus on the ground-level windows!

Considering new surfaces or a design refresh this spring? Visit Carpet Advantage Company Inc in Urbana, IL and we’ll help you capture the excitement of the season!