4 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hardwood

With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood flooring will remain beautiful and serve your home for decades. It will also improve your home’s resale value.
We know that our floors are prone to spills, drops, and scratches. These should be avoided at all costs. However, there are some other ways you might be inadvertently damaging your gorgeous wood planks. At Carpet Advantage Company Inc, we want you to have all of the facts! Here are four things to avoid if you want to keep your hardwood looking and performing its very best for years to come.

Improper Cleaning

We know you’ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect hardwood product and having your new flooring installed. Don’t waste that effort and your hard-earned money by using improper cleaning methods or products! Use a gentle microfiber cloth or mop instead of scrubbing pads, which can scratch your wood. Don’t use a steam cleaner and take care when using a vacuum—make sure it has a hard-surface attachment. Don’t use vinegar, bleach, or wax on your flooring—instead, use a mild, gentle cleaner made specifically for hardwood. Make sure flooring is properly dried afterwards!

Too Much Sunlight

As much as we might love the beautiful glow of the sun on our hardwood, too much exposure to UV rays can result in fading or discoloration. In fact, it’s often recommended that you rotate your furniture periodically to prevent wood from fading unevenly. Keep drapes closed, invest in area rugs, or consider sheer curtains to help block out direct light.

Excessive Moisture

You probably know that exposure to moisture is not good for your hardwood. As moisture seeps into the porous planks, it causes discoloration, cracking, deformation, and oxidation, and it can even lead to mold. When these occur, the planks will often need to be replaced. Make sure you never leave standing water, including small droplets, on your hardwood. Take care when moving pet water bowls, coolers, and drinks.

Improper Area Rugs

We won’t hesitate to mention just how much we love chic, stylish area rugs, whether as design elements or as protectors for your hardwood flooring. However, as you shop through our for the latest styles, make sure you avoid rugs or mats with rubber or vinyl backings. These backings can actually dull or discolor hardwood over time.

At Carpet Advantage Company Inc in Urbana, IL, we absolutely love hardwood—and we also love its ability to be refinished and restored multiple times to restore any damage. While following these tips, be sure to reach out and ask our helpful flooring experts for advice whenever you need it!